We often start the year with an increased sense of drive and motivation, which we channel into our personal life, work life and business ventures. However, we all know this can waver as we progress through the year. Have you considered looking back over the past 3 months to celebrate your achievements so far and the milestones you have already reached? Perhaps you could revisit your goals for the year to make sure you’re still on track, to highlight any weaknesses that need to be worked on or to improve your knowledge in key areas.

This week on the blog we are revisiting our 2022 blog posts to remind ourselves quite how many topics we have covered so far!

The first post we published was an introduction to SEO. Do you know all there is to know about Search Engine Optimisation? Have you optimised your own website to ensure that you have done everything in your power to appear higher in searches on search engines? If you would like to familiarise yourself with SEO and find some helpful tips on incorporating it into your website you can read our post here:

Closely linked to SEO did you see our second blog post on backlinks? If you didn’t, it’s a great read, if I do say so myself! Backlinks are such an important part of SEO and vital to gaining the trust of Search Engines and in turn encouraging others to backlink to your posts and website! Read about how simple it can be to include backlinks in your own blog posts.

If you’re looking for some pointers on how to engage readers and ensure repeat visits to your blog and website, look no further than our post about creating high quality content. Your business blog will not only keep your customers coming back but also help to convey your own personality through your posts; helping customers to feel like they know you or understand there is a human behind your online image. Read more about high quality content here:

Back on the subject of optimisation, there are simple and very quick ways you can turn the images in your site into key optimisation tools. It will take a matter of minutes and can be invaluable when trying to wave down search engines and encourage them to scour through your website. Find out more about the three simple steps here:

Brush up on you social media knowledge and understand that it is quality over quantity when it comes to deciding which social media platforms you should use for your business.

Next up if you’re having trouble choosing your domain name, or need some pointers in the right direction you can find some helpful tips in our next post, which covers everything from .com to spelling things wrong! Find everything you need to make an informed decision in our blog post here:

It is most important when you start a blog that you keep yourself in check and make sure you are churning out well written and informative content once a month at the minimum. Sometimes it can be increasingly difficult to think of things to write. Have no fear, you can find inspiration for your blog in all sorts of places. Find out more here:

Finally, last week’s post was an interesting one about what the colours you choose can say about your business, as we said last week a blog post and a psychology lesson all in one! Perhaps you’re just starting out or perhaps you’re looking to refresh, this post should help you in finding a colour that best suits every aspect of your business!

As we move into Spring and indeed our business new year, what with it being the start of another financial year, we hope that you too will take a look back on what you have achieved so far this year ready to continue powering through to the halfway mark of 2022! As always, if you wish to stay up to date with our blog posts you can subscribe below, this way each post will find it’s way to your email inbox as soon as it is live online.